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Rolling Stone has always been more than a music magazine. From the beginning, its editorial stance included fierce, ground-breaking, subversive journalists like Hunter S. Thompson. While he wasn't there at the founding of the magazine, he came on early and definitively, and his wit and analysis are linked with the publication.

Thompson and other stand-out Rolling Stone journalists and illustrators are highlighted in the Magazines and Newspapers Center's exhibit. It's a selection of articles and accompanying art that dealt with serious social and political issues of their day, from Thompson's skewering of Richard Nixon, to Matt Taibbi's no-punches-pulled articles on Goldman Sachs--and did you know that Carl Bernstein (yes, Washington Post Carl Bernstein) wrote an article on the CIA for Rolling Stone?

This exhibit complements Backstage Pass, open in the Jewett Gallery, highlighting Rolling Stone photography of legends of rock n' roll, 1967–1970.

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