Library Technology & Privacy Advisory Committee

The San Francisco Public Library has formed an Advisory Committee to help address new and emerging technologies, especially those that entail privacy concerns. Privacy concerns are increasingly important to both libraries and the public at large, due to many factors, including but not limited to identity theft, sophisticated tracking systems, and current provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act.

The Library Technology & Privacy Advisory Committee members include individuals with expertise in emerging technologies as well as those with a vested interest in the San Francisco Public Library system.

Initially the Advisory Committee will meet four times to accomplish certain tasks:

  • Specify vendor requirements, especially those dealing with privacy protections, should the Library choose to implement RFID technology;
  • Present one or more educational forums on library technology and privacy of interest to the general public:

Following these initial desired outcomes, the Committee progress and charge will be evaluated.

Radio Frequency Identification and the San Francisco Public Library - Summary

Meeting Notices

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