Diseño de Tipos Caligráficos en la Era Digital

Cover of Hermann and Gudrun Zapf von Hesse have designed some of the most distinctive and influential typefaces of our time. This remarkable couple-married over fifty years-are master calligraphers who met in the milieu of the D. Stempel AG type foundry in post-war Germany. They have been designing original types based on their calligraphy ever since, to the acclaim of typophiles, calligraphers and graphic artists around the world.

Based upon an exhibition presented in 2001 by the Friends of Calligraphy, the exhibition catalogue is prefaced with six essays on calligraphy and type. The essayists are Rick Cusick, who writes on the calligraphic types designed by Herman and Gudrun Zapf for Hallmark; Jerry Kelly, who traces the development of twentieth century types based on historic and calligraphic models; Sumner Stone, on calligraphy and the design of new types; Susie Taylor, on the connection between the Zapfs and the San Francisco Public Library; Gudrun Zapf von Hesse, on her career as a bookbinder, calligrapher and type designer; and Hermann Zapf, on his calligraphic types and experience as a type designer. With photographs from the exhibition, including the work of Alan Blackman, Erik van Blokland, Rick Cusick, Timothy Donaldson, Jean Evans, Phill Grimshaw, Cynthia Hollandworth, Akira Kobayashi, Richard Lipton, Jacqueline Sakwa, Robert Slimbach, Viktor Solt-Bittner, Jovica Veljović and Julian Waters. Edited by John Prestianni. Illustrated with 167 color images, and a selected bibliography. Published by Gingko Press, 2001. Available at The Book Bay at the Main Library and other bookstores.

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