Library Commission Minutes - August 18, 2005

SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY COMMISSION Minutes of the regular meeting of Thursday, August 18, 2005. (As approved amended September 16, 2005) . The San Francisco Public Library Commission held a regular meeting on Thursday, August 18, 2005 in the Koret Auditorium, Main Library. The meeting was called to order by Vice President Coulter at 4:09 pm. Commissioners present: Bautista, Coulter, Gomez, and Kane. Commissioners excused: President Higueras and Commissioner Strobin Commissioner Chin’s arrival was expected. A quorum was present AGENDA ITEM #1 PUBLIC COMMENT An anonymous member of the public: voiced opposition to the Friends of the Library and commented on misrepresentations of Library Commission history. Ms. Ellen Egbert, Bernal Heights: announced creation of a “Public Comment” Account benefiting the Friends of the Library. Mr. Peter Warfield: spoke about final approval of the Library’s 2005-06 Budget; approved of the elimination of funding for RFID; and suggested that not all Library use of RFID was bad. Ms. Barbara Berman, Friends of the Library: lauded Ms. Egbert’s novel fundraising proposal; and congratulated and thanked the City Librarian and Commissioners Gomez and Kane. Mr. Doug Loranger, San Francisco Neighborhood Antenna Free Union (SNAFU): discussed potential health and other risks related to wireless technology; submitted news articles on this topic; and urged that the City’s mandated precautionary principle be considered on this issue. Commissioner Chin joined the meeting at 4:25pm. AGENDA ITEM #2 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF JUNE 2, 2005 Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #2 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF JULY 21, 2005 An anonymous member of the public: criticized Minutes lack of detail and distorted reporting; suggested that the Commission had held illegal discussions of minutes; and had taken action without proper notice. Mr. Peter Warfield: commented on Tilley Olsen’s Silences as it related to Commission meeting minutes; discussed the new format, and said these Minutes failed to report his comments praising the Library. Commission discussion of AGENDA ITEM #3 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF JUNE 2 , 2005 In response to a query, Vice President Coulter was informed by Deputy City Attorney Catharine Barnes that the draft Minutes, modeled on those produced by the Board of Supervisors, met the requirements of the law. MOTION: by Commissioner Chin, 2nd Commissioner Gomez for approval of the Minutes of the regular Public Library Commission meeting of July 21, 2005. ACTION: 5-0 AYE (Bautista, Chin, Coulter, Gomez, Kane) AGENDA ITEM #3 FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY REPORT Friend’s Executive Director Donna Bero thanked Ms. Egbert for her expression of support and reported on: Upcoming events highlighting the Friend’s 49th Annual Big Book Sale September 29th through October 2, 2005 A new information program for Friend’s members. An update on the greeting cards created and sold by Rosemary Mans to benefit the Friends of the Library, noted that other Library systems were interested similar efforts, and provided a copy of a recent news article (copy attached) that discussed Ms. Mans’ cards. Ms. Bero then introduced a Special Presentation by Terry Gwiazdowski, Branch Librarian of the Excelsior Branch Library on the Branch Library’s re-opening and first weeks of operation focusing particular attention of school groups like the Excelsior Child Development Center at the Monroe Elementary School that were regular visitors the Branch. Ms. Bero concluded her report by introducing Bayview Branch Library Librarian Jesse Whiley, who noted the critical importance of libraries in his life and important contribution made by the Friends of the Library’s support for literary events and special exhibits, such as the Bayview Library’s “Poetry Slam” and the current Bayview-Anna Wadden Branch exhibit on San Francisco’s Black restaurateurs that inspired and fueled imagination. Mr. Whiley then recited one of his poems. Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #3 FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY REPORT An anonymous member of the public spoke about: the new Friend’s “Public Comment Fund”, commended Jesse Whiley for his poetry, and called attention to former Library Commissioner Ernest J. Gaines observing that the young poet might be a future Commissioner in the making. Ms. Barbara Berman, Friends of the Library, thanked Ms. Bero and noted that the renaissance of our libraries was just beginning, and also expressed regret she could not take part in this year’s Big Book Sale in person. Commission discussion of AGENDA ITEM #3 FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY REPORT Commissioner Bautista commended Ms. Egbert for her novel fundraising idea for the Friends of the Library. Commissioner Chin congratulated the Friends noting that they included the community, and honored Poet/librarian Jesse Whiley urging that he continue to celebrate his muse. Commissioner Kane commended Mr. Whiley and suggested that he present his poems in schools to inspire other young people. Commissioner Gomez thanked the Friends for their vital support for our libraries and congratulated her fellow Poet Jesse Whiley. AGENDA ITEM #4 WIRELESS FIDELITY (WI-FI) UPDATE Library Chief of Information Technology Vivian Pisano presented an update on the ongoing expansion of availability of Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) services at the Main Library and Branches and wireless fidelity related developments citywide since her January report to the Commission. The Chief of Information Technology reported that the Library would assume ownership of the equipment installed and that costs involved in providing this extremely popular service were minimal. Ms. Pisano discussed how the services were provided and how security concerns were being addressed. Ms. Pisano reported heavy Wi-Fi use at the Main and in some branch Libraries such as the Chinatown Branch. Ms. Pisano concluded her report by noting that Library staff could readily continue to support Wi-Fi services to the public. Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #4 WIRELESS FIDELITY (WI-FI) UPDATE Mr. Doug Loranger, San Francisco Neighborhood Antenna Free Union (SNAFU): raised concerns about health and other risks involved with wireless technology; regretted Mayor Newsom’s plans for Citywide Wi-Fi access, and decried techno-boosterism and a lack of focus on Wi-Fi’s potential costs and security concerns. An anonymous member of the public commented that after previous discussions of Wi-Fi requests for more information had not been provided and called attention to a New York Times articles concerning Wi-Fi use in Oregon. Mr. Peter Warfield suggested: a formal Library Commission position on Wi-Fi; that critics’ comments about hidden costs and unknown impacts be seriously considered; and that Wi-Fi represented a shift in priorities and a move away from books and public services hours. Commission discussion of AGENDA ITEM #4 WIRELESS FIDELITY (WI-FI) UPDATE City Librarian Luis Herrera discussed the great demand for and wide popularity of the Library’s expanded W-Wi-Fi access services. Responding to Vice President Coulter, the City Librarian noted no research that indicated any significant health risks had been identified. Mr. Herrera reported that the Library was actively participating in Mayor Newsom’s initiative to make Wi-Fi access available throughout the City. Answering a question by Commissioner Kane, the City Librarian reported that anticipated costs where not significant and that offering the Wi-Fi access was a cost effective means to expand public services. Vice President Coulter suggested gathering input on Wi-Fi from a wide array of interested groups. Commissioner Gomez noted that any additional information concerning this new area was welcome. Commissioner Bautista left the meeting at 5:32pm. AGENDA ITEM #5 BRANCH LIBRARY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (BLIP) MANAGER’S REPORT Branch Library Improvement Program Administrator Mindy Linetzky presented the regular three part monthly reports on: BLIP Schedule; Budget; and Construction Reports, (Copies attached). The BLIP Program Administrator noted there would be no informational report or special report this month. Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #5 BRANCH LIBRARY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (BLIP) MANAGER’S REPORT An anonymous member of the public noted: visiting several of the branch Library locations, that they found the new Glen Park Branch Building massive; and complained that the print on the reports was too small to read easily. Mr. Peter Warfield: found encouraging that recent construction bid estimated were within budget and inquired if this might indicate changed conditions in the overall construction costs climate that would suggest program budget adjustments. Commission discussion of AGENDA ITEM #5 BRANCH LIBRARY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (BLIP) MANAGER’S REPORT Commissioner Kane called the report excellent and urged that staff continue to be conservative in considering Branch Library Improvement Program (BLIP) options. Vice President Coulter found this report encouraging. AGENDA ITEM #6 CITY LIBRARIAN’S REPORT City Librarian Luis Herrera reported on: The traffic accident injury of Chief of Branches Manager Katie Lynds; Thanked Chief of Children & Youth Services Toni Bernardi for wearing two hats while servicing for more than a year as Acting Chief of Branches as well; His appointment of Joan Goldman as Acting Chief of Branches and the ongoing search to select a permanent Chief; Deputy City Librarian Paul Underwood next presented a report on operations at the Library’s Support Services Center at 190-9th Street. The City Librarian then discussed a widely praised presentation by BLIP Manager Marilyn Thompson to the Citizen’s General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee, (CGOBAC) on the Branch Library Improvement Program (BLIP); and recent steps in choosing San Francisco’s next Poet Laureate. Chief of Children and Youth Services Toni Bernardi presented a preliminary report on this year’s Summer Reading Program for children and teen users. The City Librarian’s presentation concluded with an update on exhibits and programs and mention of his presentation to the members of the Board of Supervisor’s Library Citizens Advisory Committee, (LCAC). Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #6 CITY LIBRARIAN’S REPORT An anonymous member of the public: regretted the injury to a member of the Library staff; suggested a public “open house” for 190-9th Street; found the report on the CGOBAC presentation of interest, requesting a written report on it; and noted no report was presented on the “McGoldrick Reading Club”. Mr. Peter Warfield: agreed with the suggestion for a “Open House” for 190-9th Street; thanked staff for presentations made to the Board of Supervisors’ Library Citizen’s Advisory Committee; lauded the City Librarian’s report on reading related programs, and asked about books for the “McGoldrick Reading Club”. Commission discussion of AGENDA ITEM #6 CITY LIBRARIAN’S REPORT Commissioner Chin commended staff for another exemplary year of Summer Reading and urged that the future programs challenge participants to even higher levels of reading. Commissioner Gomez discussed her experiences as a member of the Poet Laureate Committee and commended the City Librarian’s active participation and leadership. Commissioner Kane suggested highlighting Spanish Language events held at the Library. Commissioner Chin joined by all her colleagues requested the Commission Secretary send expression of their good wishes and concern to Katy Lynds from the Library Commissioners. AGENDA ITEM # 7 LABOR UNION REPORT No report was offered AGENDA ITEM # 8 NEW BUSINESS No New Business items were proposed. AGENDA ITEM #9 ADJOURNMENT MOTION: by Commissioner Chin, 2nd Commissioner Kane to adjourn the regular August 18, 2005 Public Library Commission meeting with the Commission’s best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery to Library Staff member Katy Lynds and “In Memoriam” of the late civic leader and friend of libraries Miriam Blaustein. Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #9 ADJOURNMENT An anonymous member of the public: called attention to the recent passing of respected civic leader Miriam Blaustein. ACTION: AYE 4-0 (Chin, Coulter, Gomez, and Kane) The Commission meeting adjourned at 6:16pm. Michael Housh, Commission Secretary 8/25/05 Please note: Copies of Commission Minutes and handouts are available in the Office of the Commission Secretary, 100 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 Explanatory documents: Copies of listed explanatory documents are available as follows: (1) from the Commission Secretary/Custodian of Records, Main Library, 6th Floor, (2) in the rear of the Koret Auditorium immediately before and during the meeting, and (3)to the extent possible, on the Library's website at Additional materials not listed as explanatory documents on this agenda, if any, that are distributed to the Library Commissioners prior to or during the meeting in connection with any agenda item will be available to the public for inspection and copying in accordance with Government Code Section 54954.1 and Sunshine Ordinance §§ 67.9, 67.28(b)& 67.28(d). ATTACHMENTS: BLIP Program Manager’s report slides BLIP Program Budget, Schedule and Construction Reports Library FY 2005/06 Budget Update Report News article concerning Rosemary Mans Minutes of the Library Commission Meeting August 18, 2005 Appendix A The Public Comment Summary Statements included in these Minutes are authorized by San Francisco Administrative Code Section 67.16. These summary statements are provided by the speaker. Their contents are neither generated by, nor subject to approval or verification of accuracy by, the San Francisco Public Library Commission.
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