News Release - December 7, 2009

San Francisco SPCA Donates Historic Archives to SFPL

For Immediate Release: December 7, 2009

Contacts: Michelle Jeffers (415) 557-4282

San Francisco SPCA Donates Historic Archives to San Francisco Public Library

This Wednesday, Dec. 9, the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) will donate their historical organizational materials, back to their founding more than 140 years ago, to the City Archives located at the San Francisco Public Library.

The archives, dating back to 1868, consist of organizational files and ledgers packed with animal cruelty reports and board meeting minutes, newsletters, photographs, and a variety of historical forms and brochures detailing the changing services of the organization.

“This donation of historical materials is a wonderful gift to researchers and the citizens of San Francisco,” said City Archivist Susan Goldstein. “It’s rare to have such a complete record of an organization preserved back to its founding, almost 150 years ago. We’ll be able to preserve it here at the library and offer public access to these archives.”

The gift includes the SPCA publication Our Animals from its initial issue in September 1911, and public relations files, including clippings and illustrations, from 1905-1978.

Organization records such as Historic Annual Reports from the late 1800s – early 1900s, “First Papers published by the Society” dated 1874, the Book of Members from 1868-1909, Investigations of Animal Cruelty and Abuse from 1879-1905, Arrests and Fines Collected from 1889-1913, Public Pound Record from 1911-1951, and Board Minutes from 1868, will all be coming to the library.

In addition, the donation contains a treasure trove of photographs of SPCA buildings, fleet and horse ambulances, including a San Francisco Work Horse Parade album from the early 1900’s and work horse parade association catalogue from 1909. Other visual items of interest include American Red Star Animal Relief posters from 1942 titled, “Care of Small Animals Under Conditions of War.”

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