From C. Milner to Joe Campbell

Employment history request for Harvey Milk - March 8, 1963

Letter from From C. Milner to Joe Campbell(Front) Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (cia de fomento industrial de puerto rico) San Juan, Puerto Rico

March 8, 1963
Mr. Joseph Campbell
444 C.P.W.
New York City 25, N.Y.

Dear Sir: Mr. Harvey B. Milk has applied for a position with this Company, and has given your name as a former employer. We will appreciate it, if you will answer the questions listed on the reverse side of this form and return to us at your earliest convenience. Any information submitted by you in connection with the above named applicant, will be treated in strict confidence, and if we can reciprocate at any time, please let us know. A self-addressed envelope is enclosed for your convenience, Very truly yours Charles B. Milner Personnel Officer AN IMMEDIATE REPLY WILL BE APPRECIATE

Letter from C. Milner to Joe Campbell(Back) Confidential Inquiry Name Mr. Harvey Milk Address YMCA, San Juan, Puerto Rico
1- How long have you known the applicant?____________
2- In what capacity [] Employer [] Supervisor [] Other
3- Was applicant employed by you? If so please answer the following questions:
(a) Position held ____________________________
(b) Date started to work__________Salary_________
(c) Date of leaving your employ __________________
(d) Reason for leaving_________________________
(e) ______________________________________

(f) Would you re-employ the applicant? [] YES [] NO
(g) Do you recommend the applicant? [] YES [] NO
What is your opinion with respect to the ability, responsibility, character, and conduct of this
applicant? _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________
4- Do you have any information about the applicant that you prefer to explain personally [] YES [] NO
By Telephone [] YES [] NO
5- Remarks:
_________________________________________ _________________________________________
_________________________________________ _________________________________________

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