Diccionarios y Enciclopedias

Bases de Datos de la Biblioteca

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Grolier Online Kids logo Grolier Online Kids (grades 3 and up)
Animals, countries, states and more.
CultureGrams logo CultureGrams Kids Edition
Up-to-date cultural information on countries across the globe.
Britannica logo Encyclopædia Britannica Online (grades 3 and up)
General information on many topics.
Gale Reference logo Gales Virtual Reference Library (grades 4 and up)
Information on a wide variety of curriculum subjects.
Oxford Dictionary Online logo Oxford English Dictionary (grades 4 and up)
Definitions, pronunciations, origins and examples of words in context.

Selected Websites

Encyclopedia Britannica Online(grades 3 and up)
General information on many topics.
Encyclopedia Smithsonian (grades 4 and up)
Information on subjects featured at the Smithsonian museums.
Merriam-Webster's Word Central (grades 4 and up)
Word definitions and a thesaurus.
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