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A Field Guide to 100 Birds of Heron’s Head: Islais Creek to Candlestick Point, San Francisco
Eddie Bartley (author) and Mark Chambers (editor)
Call Number: 598.0979 F455
This field guide to 100 Birds of Heron’s Head is an introduction to birding along San Francisco’s southern bay waterfront, stretching from Islais Creek and India Basin down to Candlestick Point at the southeast tip of the city—and focused on a remarkable tract of wetlands known as Heron’s Head Park. 
Book coverThe Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill: A Love Story with Wings  (2004)
by Mark Bittner
Call Number: 636.6865 B5489w
The inspiring story of how the author found his life's work--and true love--as caretaker to a flock of wild parrots roosting in one of America's most picturesque urban settings.


San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum: An Introduction to a World of Plants  (2005)
by Peter Dallman and Scot Medbury
Call Number: 580.7379 Sa578
The book is organized by the trails in the garden, moving from the entrances through three walks to the Collections Trail. There is also a history of the arboretum and Golden Gate Park.  Each section of the book gives details about wonderful places as the “Southeast Asian Cloud Forest”, “Chile and South America” and many others.
Book coverBay Area Gardening: 64 Practical Essays by Master Gardeners (2005)
by Barbara J. Euser
Call Number: 635.0979 B34011
Local master gardeners lend their expertise on everything from propagating plants to dealing with snails, slugs, and slime to having a successful rose garden in a coastal climate. Bay Area Gardening provides comprehensive answers in sixty-four diverse essays on landscaping, garden design, pests, chemicals, and a multitude of topics endemic to the trials and tribulations of Bay Area home gardeners.
Book coverBirds of San Francisco and the Bay Area  (1996)
by Chris Fisher and Joseph Morlan
Call Number: 598.0979 F531b
This guide identifies the birds most likely to be seen in your city's backyards, streets and parks. The book introduces the fascinating and popular pastime of bird watching and includes advice on building feeders and birdhouses.
Book coverCracks in the Asphalt: Community Gardens of San Francisco (2008)
by Alex Hatch
Call Number: 635.0979 H281c
This is a one of a kind guide book to thirty of San Francisco's community gardens. The gardens are situated over looking freeways, in downtown areas, in out of the way corners and busy neighborhoods.
Book coverGeologic Trips: San Francisco and the Bay Area (1998)
by Ted Konigsmark
Call Number:  557.9461 K836g
This book, written for the non-geologist, takes the reader on seven geologic trips to many of the Bay Area’s scenic landmarks, including Alcatraz Island, Fort Point, the Cliff House, the Marin Headlands, Angel Island, Fort Funston, Crystal Springs Reservoir, and the Point Reyes Peninsula.
Book coverThe Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada (2007)
by John Muir Laws
Call Number:  508.7944 L441L
In this guide, the rich variety of Sierra life-trees, wildflowers, ferns, fungi, lichens, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals, and insects-comes alive. Both written and illustrated by John Muir Laws, the guide includes more than 1,700 species, descriptions of behavior, adaptations, and interactions between species, including aquatic life, spiders and webs, plankton, plant galls, bark beetle galleries, animal tracks and evidence, seasonal star charts, weather patterns, and cloud formations.
Book coverThe Trees of Golden Gate Park and San Francisco (2001)
by Elizabeth May McClintock 
Call Number:  582.1609 M1325t
Beautifully illustrated with line drawings, location maps, and color plates, The Trees of Golden Gate Park and San Francisco contains detailed descriptions of over 120 trees, complete with close-ups of their leaves, branches, flowers, and seeds. Based on the articles by botanist Elizabeth McClintock, first presented over a 23-year period in Pacific Horticulture, these descriptions are accompanied by lively and engaging anecdotes, quotes, and
Book coverNatural History of San Francisco Bay (2011)
by Ariel Rubissow Okamoto and Kathleen M. Wong
Call Number: 508.7946 R8259n
This complete primer on San Francisco Bay is a multifaceted exploration of an extraordinary, and remarkably resilient, body of water. Bustling with oil tankers, laced with pollutants, and crowded with forty-six cities, the bay is still home to healthy eelgrass beds, young Dungeness crabs and sharks, and millions of water birds. Natural History of San Francisco Bay delves into an array of topics including fish and wildlife, ocean and climate cycles, endangered and invasive species, and the path from industrialization to environmental restoration. Fully illustrated, the guide also tells how San Francisco Bay sparked an environmental movement that now reaches across the country.
Book coverWildflowers of Northern California’s Wine Country & North Coast Ranges: A Photographic Guide to Native Plants of Marin, Sonoma, Napa & Mendocino Counties  (2007)
by Reny Parker
Call Number: 582.1309 P2281w
A photographic guide to wildflowers of four of the west coast's most beautiful counties: Marin, Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino; includes 542 full color images of the native plants of this area. Discover 358 species, 83 plant families, of wildflowers. Easy to use: grouped by color, close up photos for identification. Learn bloom times, habitats, garden tips, native uses, natural history, 33 wildflower hot spots with maps.
Book coverGolden Gate Gardening: The Complete Guide to Year-round Food Gardening in the San Francisco Bay Area and Coastal California (2010)
by Pam Peirce
Call Number: 635.0979 P356g 2010
The bible of vegetable gardening in the San Francisco Bay Area is packed with more than 400 pages of reliable information, Golden Gate Gardening offers encyclopedic coverage of gardening principles and practices specific to the Bay Area and the Northern California coast. Author Pam Peirce explains strategies for growing common favorite vegetables and herbs, plus unusual ones that bring variety to the garden.
Book coverBay Area Wild: A Celebration of the Natural Heritage of the San Francisco Bay Area (1997)
by Galen A. Rowell
Call Number: 508.7946 R795b
A collection of 172 color photographs covering coastline, redwood forests, wildflower meadows, river deltas, wetlands, animals, and mountain ridges document some of the parks and preserves of the area. Brief captions identify each photo's content; notes on the taking of each photo are at the back.
Book coverTreasures of the Conservatory of Flowers  (2006)
by Nina Sazevich
Call Number:  581.7091 Sa999
Treasures of the Conservatory of Flowers is a breathtaking companion to this national, state, and city landmark. First built in 1887, it is the oldest surviving municipal wood and glass greenhouse in the United States. Like the building itself, Treasures of the Conservatory of Flowers is divided into four parts—lowland tropics, highland tropics, aquatic plants, potted plants—an elegant book that engulfs readers in its lush tropical worlds.
Book coverSan Francisco Peninsula Birdwatching  (1996)
by Sequoia Audubon Society
Call Number: 598.0723 Sa525 1996
A guide to both well-known and little known bird watching sites on the San Francisco Peninsula, from San Francisco to the southern end of San Mateo County. Twenty-five areas are covered, ranging from the coastal marches to bay shoreline, from the Redwood forests to the grasslands. Inside are detailed descriptions of each area and what birds you can expect to find there at any time of the year.
Book coverField Guide to Butterflies of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Valley Regions
by Arthur M. Shapiro, Arthur
Call Number: 595.789 Sh223f
This guide, written for both beginning and experienced butterfly watchers, provides information on all of the butterfly species found in this diverse and accessible region. Species accounts include information on identifying butterflies through behavior, markings, and host plants. Beautiful full-color plates illustrate top and bottom views of wings for easier identification.
Book coverGeology of the San Francisco Bay Region (2006)
by Doris Sloan
Call Number: 557.9461 SL522g
This is an introduction for the general reader to the geology of the San Francisco Bay Area, including plate tectonics, Bay Area's fault system, erosion, and human activity.
Book coverThe Trees of San Francisco (2004)
by Michael Sullivan
Call Number:  582.1609 Su55t
The Trees of San Francisco offers a striking and handy compendium of botanical information, historical tidbits, cultivation hints, and more. The author discusses 71 city trees; each one is illustrated with a photograph--with its common and scientific names prominently displayed--and its specific location within San Francisco. The second part of the book gets the reader up and about, walking the city to see its trees.
Book coverA Streetcar to Subduction and Other Plate Tectonic Trips by Public Transport in San Francisco  (1984)
by Clyde Wahrhaftig
Call Number: 557.94 W129s 1984
This is a guidebook that features the earth of San Francisco: the city’s rocky hills, precipitous cliffs, mountains (seen to the north, east and south of the city), and the rocks. The author uses San Francisco’s extensive public transportation system to assist the reader in traveling throughout the city to experience its geological wonders.