Dinosaur Mountain: Digging into the Jurassic Age
By Deborah Kogan Ray

Earl Douglass was a teenager when he first heard about the Bone Wars - the frenzied race between paleontologists to unearth and classify dinosaur fossils - and he remained fascinated with these prehistoric giants for the rest of his life. Sixteen years and 350 tons of fossils later, Earl Douglass emerged as one of the most prolific and successful dinosaur hunters of his time.

Breaker Boys: How a Photograph Helped End Child Labor
By Michael Burgan

Can a photograph change the world? The answer is yes! Captured History explores how a single moment captured on film can influence society and change the course of history.

Build It: Invent New Structures and Contraptions
By Tammy Enz

If you like tinkering with widgets, wing nuts, gadgets, and gauges, you’ve picked up the right book. In Build It, you’ll invent a trash grabber, a newspaper fort, a coin sorter, and other amazing contraptions.

Recommended by SFUSD Teacher Librarians, Summer 2013

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