Lectura de Verano: Personajes Excéntricos y Maravillosos

Book Cover Black fire : the true story of the original Tom Sawyer--and of the mysterious fires that baptized Gold Rush-era San Francisco
Graysmith, Robert

The first biography of the little-known real-life Tom Sawyer (a friend of Mark Twain during his brief tenure as a California newspaper reporter), told through a harrowing account of Sawyer's involvement in the hunt for a serial arsonist who terrorized mid-19th century San Francisco.

Book Cover The wild parrots of Telegraph Hill : a love story-- with wings
Bittner, Mark

The inspiring story of how the author found his life's work--and true love--as caretaker to a flock of wild parrots roosting in one of America's most picturesque urban settings.

Book Cover Sleeping where I fall : a chronicle
Coyote, Peter

In this intelligent memoir, actor and counter-culture icon, Peter Coyote relives his 15-year ride through a fascinating period in American history some of it in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Book Cover A piece of cake : a memoir
Brown, Cupcake

The bestselling memoir of Cupcake Brown's harrowing and inspiring life from the streets of Oakland to one of the nation's largest law firms dazzles you with the amazing change that is possible in one lifetime.

San Francisco Tenderloin : true stories of heroes, demons, angels, outcasts and a psychotherapist
Wonderling, Lawrence

During more than 20 years of clinical practice in the Tenderloin, San Francisco native Wonderling has witnessed and heard just about everything. Each chapter is essentially a short biography of a former patient who was particularly memorable or who moved him in some way.

"Like it, hate it or fear it, the Tenderloin is one of those rare archaeological digs that keeps rising from the rubble, probably because it has a more solid history than its muddied reputation can ever recognize - or understand. Also, for its hapless or untamed residents, there's still nowhere else to go."

Book Cover Harlem of the West : the San Francisco Fillmore jazz era
Pepin, Elizabeth

Harlem of the West reveals a forgotten slice of San Francisco history and the African-American experience on the West Coast: the thriving jazz scene of the Fillmore in the 1940s and 1950s. With archival photographs and oral accounts from the residents and musicians who experienced it, this vividly illustrated tour will delight jazz fans and history aficionados.

The magnificent rogues of San Francisco : a gallery of fakers and frauds, rascals and robber barons, scoundrels and scalawags
Adams, Charles F.

Get ready to meet twenty of the most interesting, bizarre, colorful, and unforgettable characters to be found in the annals of the most interesting, bizarre, colorful, and unforgettable city in the world. Historian Charles F. Adams brings each personality to vivid life, describing in fascinating detail their strange contributions to the first century of San Francisco’s history.

Book Cover The adventures of Eddie Fung : Chinatown kid, Texas cowboy, prisoner of war
Fung, Eddie

Eddie Fung has the distinction of being the only Chinese American soldier to be captured by the Japanese during World War II. He was then put to work on the Burma-Siam railroad, made famous by the film The Bridge on the River Kwai. In this moving and unforgettable memoir, Eddie recalls how he, a second-generation Chinese American born and raised in San Francisco's Chinatown, reinvented himself as a Texas cowboy before going overseas with the U.S. Army. On the way to the Philippines, his battalion was captured by the Japanese in Java and sent to Burma to undertake the impossible task of building a railroad through 262 miles of tropical jungle.

Hometown San Francisco : Sunny Jim, Phat Willie, and Dave
Flamm, Jerry

San Francisco reporter Jerry Flamm has compiled a treasure trove of facts and anecdotes about the colorful personalities who roamed San Francisco in the first third of this century. 'Hometown San Francisco' shows us the city as it was from 1906 to the middle of the century, during the Great Depression. History, biography, reminiscence and anecdote are here woven together to form a tapestry of San Francisco when it was a wide-open town, when anything could happen, and often did.

Big Alma : San Francisco's Alma Spreckels
Scharlach, Bernice

Alma Spreckles led a life most of us only associate with heroines in novels - but she was the real deal. Alma de Brettville Spreckles was truly one of the great "characters" of the past century, anyone with an interest in history, art, or just a great story will enjoy this book - where's the movie?

Book Cover Mark Twain's San Francisco
Twain, Mark

Jumping frogs, high society, beloved San Francisco characters Emperor Norton and the stray dogs Bummer and Lazarus who followed on his heels - nothing escaped Mark Twain's scrutiny or his acerbic wit. Editor Bernard Taper has gathered together a heady selection of newspaper articles, correspondence, poetry, and short stories that are humorous, sometimes exasperating and controversial, but always engaging. Like a good sidekick in a comedy duo, Edward Jump offers, through his lively illustrations, a visual drum roll to Twain's cantankerous prose.

Twain, Mark
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