YouthMobile Stop Criteria

Sites considered for YouthMobile service must:

  • Be located within SFPL service area (City and County of San Francisco)

  • Have available legal parking for 25 foot vehicle

  • Are a preschool, after school program, clubhouse, or public housing

  • Not be within walking distance or easily served by branch library

  • Be willing to comply with YouthMobile policies and procedures

  • Have responsible adult available to coordinate Bookmobile program

Priority will be given to sites that:

  • Serve children needing early literacy support including English language learners, children at risk for low literacy achievement, or children living in low socio-economic households

  • Are publicly funded, with City programs receiving the greatest consideration

  • Serve preschool-age children, after school programs, or public housing

  • Meet other logistical considerations, such as integration into current schedule, geographic location, and number of children served.