Potrero Branch Seed Lending Library

Seed Lending Library

The Potrero Branch Library is one of the locations for the The Seed Library, a grassroots project that was originally generated by community activists. 

Borrowing seeds from the Library is simple: patrons select seeds from the Seed Library collection and plant their seeds. After they have harvested their crops, they save the seeds from the heartiest and healthiest of their harvest and return the seeds to the same Library. Over time, each SF Seed Library branch will include a wide selection of seeds that are best suited to each micro-climate since they have grown to full fruition, responding to the local soil, climate, and plant/animal diversity.

Patrons 18 and over may access the Seed Library anytime by asking at the front desk.  Patrons younger than 18 may use the Seed Library when a parent or guardian is present, or with a note from a parent, guardian, teacher, or community gardener. 

1616 20th Street
San Francisco CA 94102
(415) 355-2822