San Francisco Public Library

Movie Day For Adults

3:00 - 5:00

Golden Gate Valley分館

Golden Gate Valley 分館會議室

1801 Green Street

The modern movie this month is Up In The Air starring George Clooney, which was nominated for Oscars in 2010.  Ryan Bingham is a corporate downsizing expert who flies all over the world on business.  When Bingham goes on his last cross country firing expedition, he will learn that life isn't about the journey, but about the connections made along the way.  From 2009.  109 minutes.


Holodomor: Great Famine 1932-1933 in Ukraine
星期六, 2017年11月18日, 2:00 pm
Main 總圖書館, Koret 禮堂
Sudden Impact
星期六, 2017年11月18日, 2:00 pm
Presidio 分館, Presidio 分館會議室
Family Film: Ratatouille (2007)
星期六, 2017年11月18日, 3:00 pm
North Beach 分館, North Beach分館



Beat Cinema
星期六, 2017年12月2日, 4:00 pm
North Beach 分館, North Beach分館