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Season of the Witch Read-Alikes

If you liked Season of the Witch, try these other books about San Francisco history:
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by Susan Stryker and Jim Van Buskirk; foreword by Armistead Maupin.
Capturing the international center of the gay experience as never before, Gay by the Bay contains over 200 full-color and black-and-white photographs of historical memorabilia, including correspondence, posters, buttons, and other artifacts. With anecdotes about Bay Area gay luminaries, past and present, and a foreword by acclaimed author Armistead Maupin, the book offers a scintillating look at a continually dynamic and evolving community.
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Gray Brechin
San Francisco is a city clouded in myth. This urban biography provides an entirely new vision of the city's history, laying bare the inner dynamics of the regional civilization centered in San Francisco. Imperial San Francisco examines the far-reaching environmental impact that one city and the elite families that hold power in it have had on the Pacific Basin for over a century and a half.
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Leta E. Miller
This lively history immerses the reader in San Francisco's musical life during the first half of the twentieth century, showing how a fractious community overcame virulent partisanship to establish cultural monuments such as the San Francisco Symphony (1911) and Opera (1923).
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Jack Boulware
San Francisco. The very name may bring to mind anything from Sam Spade dodging bullets to drug experimentation at Fillmore West to the first openly gay community in the Castro district. Ever since the gold rush, the city has been a haven for the unusual and this unique guide will reveal some of the freakier sides of the city.
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Charles A. Fracchia
Fracchia retells the saga of how a small trading village transformed into an instantaneous metropolis in a very short period of time, becoming the largest city in the West. The distinctive aspects of this development are not simply a colorful tale of a century and a half ago, but established the distinctive urban traits that characterize the city today.