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I am a Reader

Frog and Toad are Friends
By Arnold Lobel

Five tales recounting the adventures of two best friends - Frog and Toad.

Amanda Pig and her Big Brother Oliver
By Jean Van Leeuwen

Presents five stories about telling secrets, playing alone, and other activities in the lives of Oliver and Amanda who are sometimes known as Mighty Pig and Amazing Baby Pig.

We Are In A Book!
By Mo Willems

Piggie realizes that she and Gerald the elephant are in a book and that she can make the reader say words, but when Gerald comes to understand the danger of the book ending, Piggie comes up with a solution to get the reader to keep reading.

Nikki and Deja
By Karen English

When an arrogant new girl comes to school, third-graders and best friends Nikki and Deja decide to form a club that would exclude her but find the results not what they expected.

The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur
By Elizabeth S. Hunt

Jack Stalwart (Code name: COURAGE) is an ordinary kid who becomes a secret agent by night, thwarting evil all over the world as he searches for his missing brother, Max.

Travels of Thelonious
By Susan Schade

At a time when animals only know myths about the talking humans who once dominated and nearly destroyed the world, a young chipmunk escapes danger in the City of Ruins and finds the Fog Mound, where all creatures live in peace and harmony.

The Wooden Sword: A Jewish Folktale from Afghanistan
By Ann Redisch Stampler

Impressed by a poor Jewish shoemaker's belief that God will ensure everything turns out as it should, a shah in Kabul, Afghanistan, devises a series of hardships to test the man's faith.

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Recommended by SFUSD Teacher Librarians, Summer 2013