Friday, 6/17/2022
1:00 - 2:00

Ireland’s ambassador to the United States, Daniel Mulhall, reads from Ulysses: A Reader’s Odyssey, Mulhall’s warm, wise and highly enjoyable introduction to James Joyce’s classic novel Ulysses.

The Irish author James Joyce published his groundbreaking modernist novel Ulysses in 1922, an event that profoundly influenced the course of world literature. While Joyce’s astonishing novel is quite international in its references and appeal, it is also profoundly Irish. As Mulhall observes, “No other writer managed, or even attempted, such a lavishly forensic portrait of Ireland, and that is why, especially for Irish people, reading Ulysses is an invaluable adventure.” With his deep knowledge of Irish literature and culture and his lifetime of experience with Irish history and politics, Mulhall is the ideal guide to this novel’s Irish settings and characters.

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Daniel Mulhall was born in Waterford. He has spent more than forty years in the Irish diplomatic service and is currently Ireland’s ambassador to the United States, having previously served as ambassador in Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, and London. In 1998 he was part of the Irish Government’s delegation at the negotiations that produced the Good Friday Agreement. Over the years, he has written and lectured extensively on Irish literature, including the writings of James Joyce. Throughout his diplomatic career, he has drawn on literature to help tell Ireland’s story internationally and has worked tirelessly to increase the impact and reach of Irish writing around the world.

Daniel Mulhall, Ambassador of Ireland to the United States of America - Website


Daniel Mulhall's book talk is part of the library's Bloomsbay series of events celebrating the centenary of James Joyce's Ulysses

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