A partnership with TendWell Collective
Tuesday, 3/28/2023
7:00 - 8:00


This is an experiential book club for Tricia Hersey’s book, Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto. The hour will be part discussion, part reading, part gentle movement and part restorative yoga. 


Rest is Resistance speaks to the parts of us that are frequently exhausted and overwhelmed. It reminds us, as we navigate a world that rewards constant achievement and grinding, that all beings need and deserve rest. This is the manifesto that may just help us to tap back into the well of innovation, creativity and humanity that lies within each of us. 


TendWell Collective is a San Francisco Bay Area group of wellness professionals envisioning a world where everyone has the resources, access, community, and agency that they need to tend to their own wellness. 



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