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Wednesday, 10/4/2023
4:00 - 5:00

Find out how to support youth with substance abuse and mental health challenges with addiction therapist and educator, Ben Eiland. Delve into the intricate relationship between adolescent development, mental well-being, and substance use. Gain insights into identifying risk factors, recognizing warning signs, and understanding the root causes that intertwine these issues. This session will equip parents, educators, and community members with practical strategies to provide effective support for adolescents navigating these challenges.  

Benjamin Eiland, MA, CATC IV, has been in the substance use disorder and mental health treatment field for 48 years. He has been an educator in the field of addictive disorders since 1979, holding positions as adjunct professor at College of San Mateo Addiction Studies Program and program coordinator and instructor for the California State University East Bay Addiction Studies Program. Ben held positions as an executive director, program manager and clinical director as well as being a counselor in a number of substance abuse treatment programs in the Bay Area.


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