¡VIVA!: Latinx Interest
A partnership with Chukaruka
Saturday, 9/30/2023
12:00 - 1:00
Bayview Meeting Room
Bayview/Linda Brooks-Burton

5075 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94124
United States

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Prepare for an unforgettable experience celebrating ¡Viva! by creating your own mini-cactus piñata. Chukaruka has designed this workshop to help you unleash your creativity and make your own piñata like in the story The Piñata That the Farm Maiden HungThe cactus or, nopal in Spanish, has a deep significance in Mexican culture. It represents resilience, strength, adaptability, and endurance. Piñatas can be an extraordinary gift to celebrate any special occasion.

First come first served. For ages 5–15.

Piñatas can take any shape you can imagine and are usually made with cardboard, papier-mâché, and tissue paper.  They are still used to celebrate birthdays and holidays.

A familiar song is sung when breaking the piñata is...

"¡No quiero oro, ni quiero plata,

yo lo que quiero es romper la piñata!

¡Dale, dale, dale, no pierdas el tino,

porque si lo pierdes, pierdes el camino!

Ya le diste una, ya le diste dos,

ya le diste tres y tu tiempo se acabó."

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