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Saturday, 4/20/2024
1:00 - 2:00
Ocean View Meeting Room
Ocean View

345 Randolph Street
San Francisco, CA 94132
United States

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The Decolonized Kitchen is a gathering for anyone looking to learn in community about Indigenous foodways, ethnobotany, and cooking! Join Maribel for an hour of connection and reclamation while you learn about our native plant relatives one recipe at a time. This session involves discussion, a presentation and a cook along. Come prepared to take notes and share your insights, stories and wisdom with others. Hasta pronto! 

Presenter Bio: 

Maribel Garcia (she/her) resides on Ohlone lands in Oakland, CA with Purepecha roots in Michoacan, Mexico. She is an environmental educator that focuses on native plants and ethnobotany. She has an Environmental Educator certification from the Association for Environmental and Outdoor Educators Association and is a trained UC Climate Stewards instructor. Through her workshops, she invites others to build upon their personal and cultural connections to plants and commit to being good guests on the lands we live on.   

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