Saturday, 4/6/2024
2:00 - 3:00
Golden Gate Valley Meeting Room
Golden Gate Valley

1801 Green Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
United States

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Celebrate the tapestry of Native Californian food in a conversation with cookbook author Sara Calvosa Olson (Karuk).

Attendees will receive a copy of Chími Nu’am, published by Heyday Books

Calvosa Olson, a talented food writer and editor, reimagines some of California's oldest foods, infusing them with her own delicious and inventive twists. With over seventy seasonal recipes, this cookbook takes you on a culinary odyssey, guiding you through the flavors of Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. From elk chili beans and acorn crepes to wild boar pozole and huckleberry hand pies, each dish is a celebration of Indigenous ingredients and the bountiful diversity of California's natural landscape.

Calvosa Olson has spent many years connecting her family’s foodways with a growing community, and these recipes, techniques, and insights invite everyone to Calvosa Olson’s table. Designed as an accessible entry for people beginning their journey toward a decolonized diet, Chími Nu’am: Native California Foodways for the Contemporary Kitchen welcomes readers in with Calvosa Olson’s politically perceptive and irresistibly funny writing. With more than 100 photographs, this cookbook is a culinary gift that will add warmth and mouthwatering aromas to any kitchen.

Calvosa Olson (Karuk) is a food writer and editor living in the Bay Area with her husband and two teenage sons. Her work dwells at the intersection of storytelling, Indigenous food systems, security, sovereignty, reconnection and recipe development. Her writing has appeared in News from Native California and Edible Shasta-Butte.


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