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Saturday, 5/18/2024
12:00 - 2:30
Noe Valley General Floor Area
Noe Valley/Sally Brunn

451 Jersey Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
United States

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Learn about the agricultural and industrial history of Noe Valley slopes, from Billy Goat Hill to Corona Heights, including the east side of Twin Peaks, on a walking tour with Shaping San Francisco.  We will walk along sites of former dairies, quarries, as well as early residential developments, discussing the organization of streets near Corona Heights and implementation of the Ashbury Water Tank.  The tour will cover 3.5 miles and end at Ord and Market.

Space limited. Please reserve a spot by calling 415-355-5707 or signing up in person at the reference desk. Out of respect for our participants and presenters, late patrons may not be admitted.

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