A partnership with the San Francisco Opera
Saturday, 4/20/2024
3:30 - 5:30
Visitacion Valley Meeting Room
Visitacion Valley

201 Leland Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94134
United States

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We partner with the San Francisco Opera to bring you a series of engaging personal writing and storytelling workshops. 

What's your story? Led by experienced teachers, "The Opera In You" workshops draws from the richness of personal experiences to bring out your unique narrative in a creative and collaborative environment, enhancing your storytelling skills along the way.   

Each workshop series culminates in free public events where participants are warmly encouraged to share their stories. Selected narratives might even be transformed into songs showcased on stage. Opera truly belongs to everyone. 

Discover the power of your story and let your voice be heard!  

Space limited. Reservations required: (415) 355-2848


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