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Tuesday, 6/18/2024
10:00 - 11:30

Learn what a professional portfolio is, why it helps your job search, and how to create one. 

It is very helpful in your job search to show what you can do by showing the actual work you have done. This is the purpose of the Professional Portfolio. Most people think the portfolio is only used by “creatives,” that is designers and artists. But the portfolio is used to show your work samples, and that might be useful for many other professions including computer programmers, teachers, PR specialists, sales people, and more. Presented by David G. Robins. 


David G. Robins has been an instructor in job search skills for over 10 years and is also a Career Advisor. His background includes experience in large multi-national companies, small and medium size companies, non-profits and government. He earned his certificate as a Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) from the international Association of Talent Development.