Lyall Harris - Panel Discussion on Creative Collaboration

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Book artist Lyall Harris will host a panel discussion on creative collaboration as part of the programming of Meeting Places, Luoghi d’incontro, a collaborative book art exhibition on view in the library (4th floor) through September 14, 2017. Panelists and their creative projects are:

Marika Brussel is a contemporary choreographer in the ballet genre who has created work for Bay Pointe Ballet, Emote Dance Theater, Ballet Theater of New Mexico, Berkeley Ballet and ODC’s school in San Francisco. Her current piece, From Shadows: A Ballet about Homelessness, premieres October 12, 2017 at ODC Theater. Told through the lens of a girl searching for her father, From Shadows prompts us to recognize the humanity of all people, regardless of their circumstances in life. Collaborators include Jackie McConnell, a dancer with Diablo Ballet and Post: Ballet, and Russian documentary photographer Marina Eybelman.

Soma Mei Sheng Frazier is an award-winning author and a 2017 San Francisco Library Laureate. She founded, and serves as editor of, the literary zine COG. COG, an internationally-known multimedia literary journal staffed by Cogswell College students, offers the work of celebrated and emerging authors, plus animation, audio and more. Cheyenne Mikailli, Student Editor-in-Chief of the highly collaborative COG, is a Digital Arts and Animation major at Cogswell College.

Barbara McVeigh is a filmmaker, radio host, author, producer and activist. Projects include documentaries Racing with Copepods and The Man Behind the White Guitar and books Redemption and Shattered Glass. Racing with Copepods is an ocean environmental film featuring world-renowned oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle. The small-budget film, which garnered extensive accolades, toured nationally with Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Kimball Livingston, international sailor and author who collaborated on the sailing film Wind, narrated Racing with Copepods.


Exhibit 6/10/2017-9/14/2017 -

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