Death & Dying: Rest in Peace

What happens to my body when I die?
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Everyone dies. It’s a topic that many fear or see as the great unknown. Recently though, there are more open discussions about death and dying. Many patients choose hospice care and/or palliative care, rather than life-sustaining machines that prolong their lives. The End of Life Option Act has given terminally-ill patients another choice. Death cafés, where people gather to talk about death, are cropping up everywhere.

What happens when we die? Are there environmentally-friendly ways to deal with our remains? How do different faith traditions view death? What do we need to insure our wishes are followed if we are unable to make medical decisions on our own? How do we say goodbye to a dying friend?

Join us for a series of programs to explore these topics and more. All programs are at the Main Library in the Latino/Hispanic Community Room, 5:30–7:30 p.m. Dates are listed below.

March 5 – Rest in Peace: What happens to my body when I die?

Experts will discuss traditional and new ways of how to handle one’s body after death, including embalming, cremation, green burial, home funerals and donating one’s body to science.

Speakers: Fred Shevchenko, Sullivan’s and Duggan’s Serra Funeral Services; Amy Jones, The Neptune Society of Northern California; Janeth Gomez, Fernwood Cemetery; Jerrigrace Lyons, Final Passages and Claudette Delva, Willed Body Program, UCSF.

April 4 – How Different Faith Traditions View Death

May 7 – How to Die in California

June 6 – Last Wishes: Start the conversation now!

July 9 – Sitting with the Dying: Rituals and Resources

August 6 – Talking to Children About Death

September 10 – Grieving a Pet's Death - Before and After

Speakers TBA. Note: Programs subject to change due to availability of speakers.

All programs at the Library are free.

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