Exhibit: Before the Occupation of Alcatraz

A Brief History of Native Americans in Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary
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The Occupation of Alcatraz  took hold in November of 1969 and lasted nineteen months. The United States government incarcerated American Indians at Alcatraz as early as 1873. Learn about some of the events in federal history that led up to the Occupation of Alcatraz.

This small-scale exhibit highlights some of the controversies that occurred between the federal government and Native Americans. Examples are shown through government documents as primary sources.

Please also join us at noon on Saturday November 9th, 2019 for an afternoon with Ilka Hartmann. Ms. Hartmann, a freelance photographer, will talk about her time spent with the occupiers of Alcatraz in 1971.

Photo caption:  Hopi Prisoners at Alcatraz, January 1895. Arrested for "seditious conduct." Back row, left to right: unidentified, Polingyouma (Polingyaoma), Hahvema (Hebima), Masatewa (Masatiwa), Quoyahoinema. 2nd row: Kochventewa (Kochiventiwa), Beephongwa (Piephungwa), Poolegoiva, Lomahongyoma, Lomanankwosa, Kochadah (Lomayoshtiwa), Yukioma. Front row: Tubewohyoma, Yoda, Patupha, Kochyouma (Kochyaoma), Soukhongva, Sekaneptewa (Sikaheptiwa), Karshongnewa.

Digital image credits:  Mennonite Library and Archives, Bethel College Library; and the Hopi Cultural Center, Second Mesa, AZ.

Join the Library's celebration honoring the voices of Indigenous and native peoples for National American Indian Heritage Month.

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