125º Aniversario: Exposición de Fotos

image by Sam Lopes
RV-104 Sam Lopes

The book I worked with, Uncommon Heroes, which contained short biographies of GLBT artists, musicians, politicians, playwrights, and public figures inspired me to make a painting focusing on the idea of a hero—a person willing to take enormous risks in order to do what he or she believes in. The creation of this work coincided with my own life change—moving from a small New England city to San Francisco, and changing my gender. Asking folks to call me by a traditionally male name felt like diving into unclear waters—a leap of faith. We do these things for ourselves and for those to come. Leslie Fienberg, Kate Bornstein, Tony Kushner and Ellen De Generes all spoke the truth, risking ridicule to make things better for GLBT of future generations. No vandal can take away our history or our future.

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