Hearing Loss

The Deaf Services Center has resources on these topics:

  • Late-deafness
  • Assistive devices (including implants)
  • Hearing loss organizations
  • Causes of hearing loss (medical, noise-induced)
  • Vertigo
  • Otosclerosis (bone growth in the ear)
  • Audiology

Following are a list of resources that can serve as a starting point for research on topics related to hearing loss.

  • The  first part of this book focuses on on identifying hearing losses, and getting assistive devices.  The second part is an “encyclopedia” of information related to hearing loss.
  • Tips on dealing with hearing loss in social situations with exercises.
  • The first part of this book explains hearing loss.  Second part discusses ways to deal with hearing loss.
  • A collection of short essays by hard of hearing people.
  • Tips on coping with hearing loss in the workplace with examples.
  • A New York Times editor writes of her experience becoming deaf and how it affected her life. She includes conversations with various experts and people affected by hearing loss, then writes of her experience in getting a cochlear implant and adjusting to it.
  • Information from the U.S. Department of Labor for employers/employees.
  • Book with DVD for lipreading practice.
  • The writer draws on her experience with hearing loss to advise others.
  • Batinovich presents guidance in turning every challenge into an opportunity to become one's best self-advocate.
  • A book about assistive devices, the psychology of adult-onset deafness, communication, relationships, cochlear implants, hearing aids, the Americans with Disabilities Act, telephone use, and daily life for people who've gone deaf post-lingually
  • An online video on noise-induced hearing loss.
  • Strategies for quieting the noise in your head
  • A listing of 1,000 drugs, herbals and chemicals that can damage your ears.

Vertical Files

  • Files on various topics related to hearing loss including tinnitus, vertigo, assistive devices, hearing ear dogs, and causes of degenerative hearing loss are available.  Please see the Deaf Services staff for assistance.