Deaf Services: Helpful Links

Deaf News Websites

News and information of interest to the deaf community, presented in videos and text in American Sign Language and English

Deaf Organizations

Deaf organizations in the Bay Area specializing in special interests

Deaf Videos

Captioned films and deaf culture videos

Government Links

Links to government websites in American Sign Language

Hearing Loss Links

Organizations catering to those experiencing hearing loss, with chapters in northern and southern California, also links to online resources for hearing loss

Learn American Sign Language Online

Online websites to learn American Sign Language, plus a link to meetups in San Francisco to practice ASL with other users

Social Services

Social service organizations in the Bay Area for deaf and hard of hearing people and people with hearing loss

Supporting Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students

Resources about the technology and environmental changes available for improving the performance of D/deaf and Hard of Hearing primary and secondary school students.

College & Career Advice for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

Includes terminology, college transition advice, and information about careers for Deaf people, with testimonials from Deaf experts

Customizing a Home for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Inhabitants

Resource guide with many sub-topics, covering broad ideas as well as specific choices like recommended paint colors and plumbing fixture types.