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Have fun and experiment with SFPL's STEM Challenges, activities offered by your local librarian this summer. STEM activities are designed for your budding scientists and engineers to practice the scientific method using common household items. SFPL librarians share their love for STEM with tips, tricks and other tidbits featuring fun experiments. Find resource lists and easy how-to videos to replicate activities, at home.

Check with your local library on how to participate in our STEM Challenge and be sure to check back for new STEM Challenge videos.

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Download, print and fill out your STEM lab sheet while you complete your experiment:

STEM handoutSTEM Lab Sheet (PDF)

A note on the series title:

San Francisco Public Library strives towards being an anti-racist agency. In the spirit of this work, we changed the original name of this series, "STEM Challenge Yo’Self", in recognition of the fact that it was appropriated from Black vernacular—an act we acknowledge contributes to the systemic oppression of Black people and the perpetuation of stereotypes that are rooted in racism. We apologize for the harm the original title may have caused to our Black community members and staff, and we have updated the name of this series to “STEM Challenge.” We are committed to doing better. Learn more about the library’s Racial Equity Work (PDF) and Racial Equity Commitment, and please read the SF Human Rights Commission's anti-Black racism statement (PDF).