National Financial Capability Month

Get your finances up to speed! April is National Financial Capability Month. Starting April 4, the Main Library's Business, Science and Technology Department, in partnership with our experts, provides presentations on a wide menu of topics, ranging from the basics on saving, financial planning and cash flow management to investing, retirement planning, property tax and insurance sub-limits. We’ll even cover the psychology of spending and how to overcome procrastination.

So, turn your tomorrow into today and get started with the tools you’ll gain to put your financial life in order.

Tuesday  4/4/2023 Sustainable Investing That Benefits Nature and People 12-1 Paul Herman
Wednesday 4/5/2023 Estate Planning Basics 6-7 Stuart Bronstein
Friday 4/7/2023 Best Retirement Savings  Plans for You 12-1 Heather Liston
Monday 4/10/2023 Property Tax 101 11-12 Joaquin Torres
Tuesday  4/11/2023 The Psychology of Spending 2-3 Andrea Yee
Thursday 4/13/2023 Avoiding Scams, Fraud and Identity Theft 11-12 Oak Dowling
Friday 4/14/2023 Everyone Retires - Things You Should Know About 3-4:30 Craig Braemer
Saturday  4/15/2023 Demystifying the Financial Planning Process 11-12 Rachna Bijlani
Wednesday 4/19/2023 The 7 Pillars to a Successful Retirement Plan 4-5 Lee Michael Murphy
Thursday 4/20/2023 Turning Tomorrow into Today: Overcoming Procrastination 4:30-5:30 Jacqueline Wales
Friday 4/21/2023 Get More Out of Your Cash Flow 1-2 Alicia Ivancovich
Saturday  4/22/2023 Why Invest in Stocks? 11-12 Craig Braemer
Tuesday  4/25/2023 Introduction to Smart Investing 4-5 Gretchen Hollstein 
Wednesday 4/26/2023 Insurance: Know Your Sub-Limits 4-5 Brian Trouette 
Thursday 4/27/2023 Behavioral Finance: How to Bring Your Best Instincts to Your Financial Plan 12-1 Heather Liston
Saturday  4/29/2023 Dividend Investing 101 11-12:30 Harriet Chan

Ongoing Personal Finance programs

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