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Investment Advisory Newsletters

Investment advisory newsletters are kept at the 4th Floor Paging Desk of the Main Library. To allow
broad access to these materials, use of investment advisory newsletters is limited to 2 current issue
binders and 4 back issues for 30 minutes.
Call to make sure a current issue is available: (415) 557-4400. Ask for the Business (or Page?) Desk.

Finance, Personal -- Periodicals.


Historical Stock Price Quotes

Print Sources

  • Daily Stock Price Record published by Standard & Poor's is available in bound volumes at the Main Library.
  • Wall Street Journal on microfilm is available at the Main Library.
  • San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner are also available on microfilm at the Main Library only, and electronically.
  • National Stock Summary

Researching Older Companies and Their Stock

  • Online Resources
  • InfoTrac
  • Proquest
  • Mergent
  • Business & Company Resource Center

Print Sources

  • Mergent's Industrial Manual (formerly Moody's)
  • Standard & Poor's Corporate Descriptions
  • Capital Changes Reporter (formerly Capital Adjustments) An excellent source for name changes, splits, consolidations, mergers, etc. Always remember to consult the "New Matters" section for the very latest information.
  • Robert D. Fisher Manual of Valuable and Worthless Securities
  • Marvyn Scudder Manual of Extinct or Obsolete Companies
  • Directory of Obsolete Securities
  • Walker's Manual of Pacific Coast Securities