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Wednesday, 5/19/2021
6:00 - 7:30
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San Francisco, CA 94102
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Lewis R. Gordon in conversation with Justin Desmangles, discusses his latest work, Freedom, Justice, and Decolonization.
Gordon takes the reader on a journey as he interrogates a trail from colonized philosophy to re-imagining liberation and revolution to critical challenges raised by Afropessimism, theodicy and looming catastrophe. He offers not forecast and foreclosure but instead an urgent call for dignifying and urgent acts of political commitment.


Lewis R. Gordon is an American philosopher at the University of Connecticut who works in the areas of Africana philosophy, existentialism, phenomenology, social and political theory, postcolonial thought, theories of race and racism, philosophies of liberation, aesthetics, philosophy of education and philosophy of religion. He has written particularly extensively on Africana and Black existentialism, postcolonial phenomenology, race and racism and on the works and thought of W. E. B. Du Bois and Frantz Fanon.

Justin Desmangles is chairman of the Before Columbus Foundation, administrator of the American Book Award.

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