Eclipse Viewing and Toddler Storytime

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Come celebrate the solar eclipse at the Ortega Branch Library at a hybrid Eclipse viewing and storytime! View the eclipse in our courtyard, pop into storytime from 10:30-11 if you have a toddler, then go back outside to see how it's progressed! We will also have some eclipse posters up for viewing and some casual activities to participate in.

The storytime will be a sun, moon, and space-related variant on Toddler Tales, which typically occurs in the 10:30-11:00 time slot.


The Eclipse will be visible in San Francisco from 9:01 to 11:37. It will peak at 10:15. 300 pairs of eclipse glasses will be available at the event when the library opens at 10:00. The glasses are first-come, first-serve, one pair per person please.

Books, rhymes, music, movement and more. For toddlers 16 months through age 2 and their caregivers.

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