Tricycle Music Fest 2018

alphabet rockers alphabet rockers Lucky Diaz lucky diaz Jose-Luis Orozco Jose-Luis Orozco the okee dokee brothers the okee dokee brothers

Turn up the volume and boogie on down to a library near you as we celebrate a decade of music with Tricycle Music Fest.

Our 10th Anniversary golden Grammy Line-up includes winners and nominees: 

Alphabet Rockers will make us bop to the beat and pop and lock our arms and feet, Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam band will bring us dance party that will make us jump for joy, José-Luis Orozco and his guitar gently set us on the ground as we delightfully sway like the wind and The Okee Dokee Brothers will wrap us in a warmth and make us want run outside!  You won’t want to miss this year series.

At the end of every show, one lucky raffle winner will roll off in style on new wheels with a shiny new red tricycle.

Get yourself in gear and shuffle your feet quick to the locations below to experience the best kindie music fest in the west, ten years strong!

2018 Line-Up

Alphabet Rockers

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band

José-Luis Orozco

The Okee Dokee Brothers

Tricycle History

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