Fox Collection: Foreign Editions

McLoughlin Brothers have some connection with the D. Appleton publishing company's books for the Spanish language market. For instance, they do the chromolitho cover on El Pardillo but the black and white version is still done by D. Appleton, Nueva York. El Nuevo Libro Primario de los Niños (3.3.8) has the burros removed from the pastoral scenes. A Dr. Purón gives his OK to editorial changes. La Vénus Dormida (3.3.1) has "We think this type is not in the right place" noted on the last page. La Caperucita Roja (3.3.4) has the financial terms handwritten on the cover: "$9 per gross less 1/4 + 10% (50 cents a dozen) cannot be changed or divided."

A French version of Barbe Bleue (4.7.7) is gridded and numbered, I presume for reproduction. Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes (4.10) notes on the endpaper "a full set of cuts made specially for this book mostly from Nister's edition. Some by Miss Davis." Little Pig's Ramble from Home (7.1.8) has "not much liked, very ordinary" penciled at the top of the first page. Goody Two Shoes (15.2.4) has drawings which extend past the dimensions of the printed illustrations. Our Father's Care (15.3.1) is "liked by little girl... needs pruning... not read word for word."

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