About the Effie Lee Morris Collection

Are you looking for..? Those beautifully illustrated books you remember from your childhood? Children's books about San Francisco or written by a San Franciscan? Pre-World War II portrayals of Pacific Rim countries? Early positive portrayals of ethnic minorities in children's books? Find them and many more in the Effie Lee Morris Historical and Research Collection at the Children's Center of the Main Library.

In 1964 Ms. Morris originated the Children's Historical and Research Collection. It was conceived as a research collection of outdated or out-of-print books considered important to children's literature and books containing ethnic stereotypes. In 1981 the collection was officially renamed the Effie Lee Morris Historical and Research Collection. Over the years, the collection has been expanded to meet the needs of Bay Area researchers.

Effie Lee Morris, San Francisco Public Library Children's Services coordinator, 1963 - 1977, is one of the pioneer children's services leaders in the country. She was responsible for the development of the broad range of services available to San Francisco children today.