Budget Information: Fiscal Years 2017-18 & 2018-19

Budget Overview

FY18 Budget vs. FY17 Budget

FY18 Budget

  • $138M

FY17 Budget

  • $126M

% of Increase FY18 vs. FY17

  • 9.5%

FY19 Budget vs. FY18 Budget

FY19 Budget 

  • $141M

FY18 Budget

  • $138M

% of increase FY19 vs. FY18

  • 2.2%

Three Year Budget Comparison by Program

FY16 to FY18 Comparison


San Francisco Public Library continues its commitment to providing welcoming facilities and service excellence as premier urban library through the following strategic areas:

budget priorities


  • 11%-12% of annual operating budget
  • Collection in multiple languages & formats
  • Budget increase in eResources

FY15 FY19 comparison

3 Branches Renovation
  • Chinatown, Mission & Ocean View
  • Planning process started in FY17
  • FY18 budget continues to fund planning and design
  • Future budgets will fund constraction and related costs
Aging Infrastructure Renovation/Maintenance/Repair
  • Main Library elevator renovation
  • Main Library roofing repair
  • Renovation and repair of building systems
  • Other maintenance and repair of aging facilities
New Leased Facility
  • Compact shelving.
  • Air handling system.
  • Accommodate collections and archives shifting from Brooks Hall to new leased facility


  • Network & Connectivity Infrustracture Refresh
  • Assistive Technology Enhancement
  • Audio Visual Equipment Upgrade