Web Accessibility

SFPL.org and Web Accessibility

The San Francisco Public Library strives to promote a welcoming and inclusive environment that supports and celebrates the diversity of the disability community. The library is committed to upholding the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provides equal access to all City and County resources, information, programs and activities.

The sfpl.org website uses the Web Accessibility Guidelines developed by the City and County of San Francisco,  which are based on the W3CAG 2.1AA standard, in order to ensure access compliance and a positive user experience.  The library implements a variety of testing solutions including state of the art automated testing technology and end user testing in order to maintain crucial elements of accessibility such as consistency in page layout, information architecture and navigation structure.

This site is actively maintained to reflect the latest Web accessibility standards as they continue to evolve. We use proper Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML) to present information, which makes it possible for assistive technologies such as screen readers to read our content. We use proper headings to separate sections and sub-sections of our site for readability and appropriate structure, provide accessibility settings to choose a variety of fonts and contrast colors, and include closed captioning wherever possible. We also ensure equivalent keyboard only access.

In addition, The San Francisco Public Library provides an extensive selection of resources in the area of Accessibility Services. SFPL has several departments within Access Services which are dedicated to serving people with disabilities, including the Talking Books and Braille Center and Deaf Services Center.