Parking at the Main Library

Parking in the Civic Center area


City-Run Garages

There are several privately run garages near the Main Library in the Civic Center area as well as metered parking spaces around the Main Library.

Bicycle Parking

The following bike parking options are available for Main Library visitors during library open hours:

BART Civic Center Station

BikeLink Group Parking, 1150 Market Street

  • Access: Take the elevator from U.N. Plaza into the station. The elevator is staffed with an elevator monitor during all BART open hours. The BikeLink parking is visible on the opposite side of the station when you exit the elevator. You’ll need a BikeLink card to enter. Go to to sign up.

  • Security: BikeLink parking is locked and accessible with a BikeLink card. For security, new users must complete ID verification.

Civic Center Garage

Bike Parking, 355 McAllister Street

  • Access: Take elevators from Civic Center Plaza down to Level One. Bike parking is to the right as you exit the elevators.

  • Security: No official bike monitoring is offered, but the bike racks are situated right next to the glass-walled parking attendant offices.