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 x  = reference made from another entry.
xx = see also reference made from another entry.

Iannelli, Alfonso

Ide, Tom
Art Forum v.2 (May 1964): 50, 51 review and reproduction of "Pire"

Iga, Yuko

Ignon, Gui

Ihle, John (1925- ) b. Chicago, Ill.
Collective Biography 6
S.F. Art Clippings v.3: 86
S.F. Chronicle (April 19, 1964): 26 - reproduction of "Me Tarzan You Jane"
REF f769 ZAm351a: 5
REF 769.1 ZOa4c
REF 708.1 Sa52s

Ilyin, Gleb Alesander
REF 709.794 Un3 v.13: 51-99

Indiana, Robert

Ingianni, Ignace M.

Ingmire, Thomas

Ireland, David
See also: Capp Street Project vertical file
See also: Headlands Art Center vertical file
REF 709.794 AL15a: 287

Ireland, Susan

Irish, Pat
see Amez, Pat Irish

Irwin, Robert (1928- )
Collective Biography 3
REF 759.1 ZSa525p: 219
REF 709.794 F466: 104-105 (includes portrait)

Isner, Chris (1968- )

Isobe, Brian Yoshimi (1954- )

Ivanoff, Sergei (portrait painter)
S.F. Art Clippings v.2: 61, v.3: 33

Izu, David
REF 709.794 AL15a: 287