How to Find Printed Schematics Using the Print Indexes

We recommend that you first search the SAMS Online database at the Main Library since the print indexes are not current.  The SAMS Online database will provide immediate access to schematics, while requesting printed documents from SFPL's collection can take several days as they are stored offsite.

If you still prefer to search the print indexes first:

  1. You will need the approximate year of manufacture, the brand name, and the model number of the item (i.e. 1989 Panasonic model 720A).

  2. Search the appropriate paper SAMS Photofact index at the 4th Floor Business, Science & Technology Center desk. You might need to search several indexes since it's not always clear which manufacture years are included in an index. Note: The paper index is organized alphabetically by manufacturer, then alphanumerically by model (first the numbered models, then the models beginning with a letter).

  3. Locate the SAMS number in the right hand side of the column and write it down.

  4. First try searching the SAMS Online database at the Main Library by the SAMS number (click the dropdown menu next to Model/Chassis and select SAMS #). 

  5. *If there is no online file to download, and you want to skip asking SAMS to search for the schematic for now, you may give the SAMS number to the staff at the 4th Floor Page Desk, who will check for the document. The SAMS paper schematics are stored offsite, so the search and retrieval may take a few days.  Our collection contains many but not all of the documents listed in the indexes.  Leave a contact phone number so we may inform you whether or not we have the print schematic.

  6. If we have the print schematic, you will need to leave your ID at the 4th Floor Page Desk in exchange for the schematic. You can make photocopies if needed in the nearby photocopy room.

  7. If we don't have the print schematic, you may ask SAMS to search their collection by filling out their request form (you may use a Catalog PC to transmit the form).  You will need to give SAMS an email contact so they can respond to you.  If you need help or don't have an email account, talk to staff at the Business, Science & Technology Center desk.