San Francisco Public Library

San Francisco Building Codes

The San Francisco Building Codes are amendments to the California Building Standards Codes (California Code of Regulations, Title 24) and must be used in conjunction with these state codes.

Print copies of both the current San Francisco and California Building Codes are available at the Government Information Center (GIC).

The current San Francisco Building codes are published online by American Legal Publishers. However, some parts of the California Building Codes that must be used with them are not available online.

The most current version of these codes is the 2013 Triennial Edition (effective January 1, 2014).

A noteworthy compilation of California building regulations and statutes for access compliance is available online via the Division of the State Architect.

Historic Building Codes

Most of these books are available through the Government Information Center, but some are located in the History Center (6th floor of the Main).

California Building Codes that are available online at the California Building Standards Web site include:

The following major parts of the California Building Codes are not available online:

Other Resources

The Business, Science and Technology Center (4th floor at the Main) has paper copies of national and international codes: