Posting and Depository

To help city agency staff and nonprofit organizations that do business with the City and County of San Francisco comply with the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance of 1999 (Chapter 67) and the San Francisco Administrative codes requirements for posting of meeting notices and agendas, the Government Information Center provides the following factsheets with complete guidelines.

Agenda Posting Factsheet (PDF)

To assist City agency staff with posting requirements for agendas.

Official Published Documents Factsheet (PDF)

To assist City agency staff with requirements for sending all official publications to the Library.

Notice-Posting Factsheet for Nonprofits (PDF)

To assist Nonprofit organizations who do business with the City with posting requirements for public meetings.

Checklist for Sending Documents to the Library (PDF)

In addition, the Government Information Center holds for public review Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs). These reports are environmental impact study reports done for remedial actions to be performed at construction and renovation sites within the Civic Center, Tenderloin, Market, and South Van Ness neighborhoods. These reports are available only during the comments period. The comments period allows the public to review these reports and send their comments to the government agency or contractor involved. The following factsheets detail the guidelines for government agencies or contractors for placing EIRs with the Government Information Center:

Factsheet for Government EIRs (PDF)

To assist government agencies with placing EIRs with the GIC.

Factsheet for Non-Government EIRs (PDF)

To assist non-government entities (contractors) for placing EIRs with the GIC.