San Francisco Elections and Voting

San Francisco Voter Information Pamphlets Collection: provides full-text PDF files of San Francisco voter information pamphlets and ballots from 1907 to the present. Please note that these online files are copies of the GIC's extensive though not complete print collection.

San Francisco Ballots Collection: provides full-text images of election ballots from 2000 to the present.

San Francisco Ballot Propositions Database: provides access to ballot propositions from 1907 to the present.  It is searchable by words in title, description, proposition by letter or number, and by month and/or date. The results provided are proposition description, passed/fail, percentage of votes, vote counts, and other information.

Election Results

San Francisco election results are available from the following sources:

Statement of vote / City and County of San Francisco

Print copies from 1906 to 1979 are accessible at the San Francisco History Center.

Print copies from 1970 to 1992 are accessible at the GIC.

Official statement of votes / City and County of San Francisco

Print copies from 1997 to 2011 are accessible at the GIC.

San Francisco Department of Elections

Election results from 1995 to present are accessible online from the San Francisco Department of Elections

Furthermore, please note regarding election results for which the official outcomes are not otherwise available, the Magazines and Newspapers Center provides assistance in searching for related newspaper and journal articles.


The GIC has print copies of California voter information pamphlets; these are also searchable online via the California Ballot Propositions and Initiatives database from UC Law San Francisco.

Election Information

The San Francisco Department of Elections Web site is the best place to start for current election information, voter registration, and the election process for the City. Voter registration cards can be picked up at the GIC as well as Branch Libraries.

Supervisorial Districts

Supervisorial district boundaries undergo redistricting periodically due to shifting demographics and other related changes. With that, the maps showing the precincts and legislative districts are updated accordingly. The precincts and legislative maps for the supervisorial districts are accessible in two ways:

Maps of the City and County of San Francisco Showing Precincts and Legislative Districts. The maps are oversize and can be viewed by request at the Government Information Center's reference desk. They are for in-library use only.

San Francisco Department of Elections - Maps. This online archive provides access to both current and earlier maps and in the following languages: English, Chinese, Spanish and Filipino.