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"x" indicates that a reference was made from another entry.
"xx" indicates that a see also reference was made from another entry.
We have clipping files for all entries in bold . All other headings are cross references only.

BATS Improv
xx Comedy and Comedians

See Bay Area Rapid Transit District

BYOP (Bring Your Own Pillow Concerts)
See San Francisco Contemporary Music Players

Bacchus Bonanza
See San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (subfolder: Youth Concerts, Summer Workshops, Audiences Awards, San Francisco Symphony Chamber Orchestra, etc.)

Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society (file closed 2003)
Bach Society of San Francisco
See San Francisco Bach Choir

See Hiking

Before 5/2006 see Sports and Games

Balclutha (Ship)
See San Francisco Maritime State Historical Park

See Dance

Ballet Black
xx Dance

Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley (file closed 2003)
see San Jose Cleveland Ballet before 9/200l

Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo
xx Dance


Ballroom Dancing
See also Dance Through Time
xx Dance
Dec. 29, 1981

See Bay Area Music Awards

See also Golden Gate Park Band
S. F. Gay Freedom Day Marching Band and Twirling Corps
x Stanford Band

Bank of America
x Banks
xx Buildings (subfolder: Banks)

See Buildings (subfolder: Banks)
Bank of America

Bannan Theater
See San Francisco Performing Arts Center

Barb Wire Theatre
xx Theater

Barbershop Quartets

Barbie Hall of Fame
xx Dolls
Nov. 12, 1991

(Contains articles of a general nature about baseball in S.F.)
See also All-American Girls Pro. Baseball League
Baseball, High School
Baseball, Little League
San Francisco Giants
San Francisco Mission Reds
San Francisco Seals
West Coast Baseball Association

Baseball, High School
June 2004

Baseball, Little League

Baseball, Negro
See West Coast Baseball Association

Baseball, Women's
See All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

Basketball, College
June 09, 1998
Basketball - General
Oct. 21, 2001

Basketball, High School

Basketball, Professional
See Golden State Warriors

Basketball, Women's
See also San Francisco Pioneers

Bauline's Craftsmen's Guild (file closed 2003)
xx Crafts and Craftsmen

Bay Area Arts Services
See Intersection
Jan. 9, 1982

Bay Area Black Theater Festival
See Bayview Repertory Company

Bay Area Costume Bank
See Costume
See also Costume Society of America, Western Region

Bay Area Discovery Museum (file closed)
Oct. 9, 1991

Bay Area Filmmakers Showcase
xx S.F. International Film Festival

Bay Area Folk Harp Society
xx Music- Country, Folk (American), Western
Aug. 21, 1992

Bay Area Graphic Arts Council
See Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts

Bay Area Jazz Festival
See also Happenings, Music Festivals, etc. (names of individual festivals)
x Kool Jazz Festival

Bay Area Jazz Society
xx Music – Jazz, Soul, Blues, Reggae, Gospel, etc.
Feb. 11, 1983

Bay Area Lawyers for the Arts
See California Lawyers for the Arts
See also Art House
Working Arts - periodical

Bay Area Music Archives
xx Museums and Art Galleries
xx Libraries

Bay Area Music Awards
x Bammies
x Music. Contests and Awards
Dec. 1, 1995

Bay Area Playwrights' Festival
xx Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
xx Theatre

Bay Area Rapid Transit District
x B.A.R.T.

Bay Area Rainbow Symphony
xx Orchestras

Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame
See also Sports Figures

Bay Area Theater Archive
x Theatre – Videotaping
xx Theater
Sept. 1990

Bay Area Theatre Critic's Circle
xx Theatre
xx Awards

Bay Area Theatre Week
See also Theatre Communications Center of the Bay Area
Oct. 1, 1987

Bay Area Theater Workers Union
See Actors' Unions

Bay Area Video Coalition
March 1, 1999

Bay Area Women's Philharmonic
xx Women Musicians

Bay Area Youth Opera
xx Opera
Feb. 14, 1992

Bay Area Youth Orchestra
July 3, 2001

Bay Theater Collective
See Epic West

Bay to Breakers

Bayview / Hunter's Point
x Hunter's Point
xx Architectural Tours
xx City Planning
xx Neighborhoods
xx Walking Tours

Bayview Opera House
(formerly: South San Francisco Opera House)
See also South San Francisco Opera House
x Opera Houses
xx Buildings

Bayview Repertory Company
x Bay Area Black Theater Festival
x Black Theater
xx Theater

Beach Blanket Babylon
x Silver, Steve M/PA VF
xx Bleiweiss, Nancy M/PA VF
xx Musicals – reviews

Beach Chalet
xx Buildings
xx Labaudt, Lucien (Artists' VF)
xx Mural Art

Beat Museum
xx Museums and Art Galleries
May 2006

Beautification Projects
See also City Planning
Market Street
Post Street Promenade
San Francisco Beautiful
Beaux Arts Ball
xx Fund Raisers

Beck, Christopher
See Christopher Beck Dance Company

Bedini Theatre Project
xx Theatre

Beethoven Festival
See San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
July 8, 1989

Beethoven Studies Center (San Jose State Univ.)
See Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies

Bell Ringing
See Handbells

Bells and Bell Ringers
x University of California. Berkeley Campanile

Belly Dancing

Berggruen Gallery
See also Museums and Art Galleries
Jan. 1997

Berkeley Art Center (file closed 2003)
xx Art

Berkeley Art Museum (file closed 2003)
(Before 2/98 see University of California Art Museum)
x University of California Art Museum Berkeley
Feb. 17, 1998

Berkeley Community Theatre (file closed 2003)
xx Theatre

Berkeley Contemporary Chamber Players (file closed 2003)
x Berkeley Contemporary Music Players
xx Chamber Music
Jan. 19, 1984

Berkeley Contemporary Music Players
See Berkeley Contemporary Chamber Players

Berkeley Festival and Exhibition (file closed 2003)
xx Music Festivals, Happenings, etc.

Berkeley Film House (file closed 2003)
xx Moving Picture (i.e., local films and filmmakers)

Berkeley Jazz Festival (file closed 2003)
x University of California Jazz Festival
xx Music – Jazz, Blues, etc.

Berkeley Jewish Theater
See Pacific Jewish Theater
July 8, 1989

Berkeley Mandolin Ensemble (file closed 2003)

Berkeley One-Act Theater Company
See One-Act Theater Company of San Francisco

Berkeley Opera (file closed 2003)
xx Opera
Sept. 16, 1994

Berkeley Promenade Orchestra (file closed 2003)
(After 1/91 see Berkeley Symphony Orchestra)

Berkeley Repertory Theater (file closed 2003)
See also The Theatre, Berkeley (former name before 1970)
xx San Francisco Bay Area Theatre

Berkeley Shakespeare Festival
See California Shakespeare Festival ( Orinda) 1991+
x Emeryville Shakespeare Company
x Shakespeare Festival

Berkeley Stage Company (file closed 2003)
xx Theater

Berkeley Symphony Orchestra (file closed 2003)
(Before 1/81 see Berkeley Promenade Orchestra)

Berlin and Beyond Film Festival (2010)
xx Film Festivals

Bernal Heights
xx Architectural Tours
xx The Mission
xx Neighborhoods
xx Walking Tours

July 2001

Bicentennial Inventory of American Paintings
x Smithsonian Institution Bicentennial Inventory


The Big Game (annual Cal-Stanford football game)
See Football, College

Big Sur Jazz Festival (file closed 2003)
x Music Festivals, Happenings, etc.
July 1998

Bill Graham Enterprises
xx Graham, Bill M/PA VF
Feb. 14, 1992

Billboard Art
See also Eyes and Ears Foundation
x Billboards
xx Art

See Billboard Art


Bindlestiff Studio
xx Theater

Black and White Ball
xx Fund Raisers
xx San Francisco Symphony

Black Arts
See also
Black Madonna
BlackMan's Art Gallery
Dialogue Black/White
Negroes, Music

Black Baseball Leagues
See West Coast Baseball Assn.

Black Choreographers Festival
xx Dance Festivals

Black Expo
x Black Quake

Black Filmmakers Festival
xx Film Festivals

Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame
xx Moving Pictures

Black Madonna
x Black Arts

Black Repertory Group (Berkeley) (file closed 2003)
x South Berkeley Playhouse
xx Theatres

Black Sports Hall of Fame
See also Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame
Sports Figures

Black Theater
xx Theater

Black Theater Festival
See Bayview Repertory Company

Black Quake
See Black Expo

BlackMan's Art Gallery
xx Black Art
xx Museums and Art Galleries

Blake Street Hawkeyes (file closed 2003)
See also Goldberg, Whoopi M/PA VF
xx Theater
July 11, 1978

Blue Bear School of Music
x College of Rock and Roll
xx Music. Education

Blue Lantern Theatre
xx Theatre

See Music, Jazz, Blues, Soul, etc.

Board Games
August 1999

Boarding House Theatre
xx Music - Jazz, Blues, Soul, etc.
xx Music - Rock
xx Nightclubs
xx Theatres

See Sailing/Boats and Boating
See also Canoeing and Kayaking


Bocce Ball Opera
July 2001

x Weightlifting

xx Tattoos

xx Museums and Art Galleries
May 2000

Booking Agencies
See Talent Agencies

x Directories

See Mountain Climbing

Bow ties
See Neckties


Boxcar Theater
xx Theater

See also San Francisco Historical Boxing Museum

Brass Menagerie
See San Francisco Early Music Society

Brava for Women in the Arts
See also American Indian Contemporary Arts
August 22, 1991

Bread and Roses
x Farina, Mimi M/PA VF
x Music and Musical Life
xx Arts and the Handicapped
xx Music - Country, Folk (American), Western

Break Dancing
xx Dance
April 18, 1984

See Buildings (subfolder: Bridgeways)

Bright Moments
See Music. Education
June 1996

Bring Your Own Pillow Concerts
See San Francisco Contemporary Music Players

Brown Bag Opera
xx San Francisco. Opera Association.

Brundage Collection
See The Avery Brundage Collection
Asian Art Museum

Subfolders within Buildings:
Apartment Buildings (See also Housing)
Convention Centers
Fire Stations
Government Buildings
xx Presidio of San Francisco
xx City Planning
See also International Hotel
Industrial Buildings
x Mowrey's Opera House
xx Libraries
See also Carolands
Filoli Estate
Hazelwood Hills
Lachryma Montis
x Llanda Villa
x Winchester House
x Octagons
Office Buildings
x Fitzhugh Building
Proposed Buildings
Railroad Depots
Refugee shacks
Religious Buildings
xx Duquette Pavilion of Saint Francis
Restaurants, cafés, bars, etc.
x Restorations
Roof Gardens
x Roof Gardens
x Schools
Stores, retail
Sustainable Architecture
x Department Stores
x Stores, Retail
xx Shopping Centers
xx San Francisco International Airport
xx Ferry Building
xx San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
See also Architects (general file)
Architectural ornamentation
Architecture and the physically handicapped
Foundation for San Francisco Architectural Heritage
Moving picture theaters
Names of individual architects in Visual Artists index
Theater buildings
See separate folders for following buildings:
Audiffred Building
Bank of America
Bayview Opera House
Beach Chalet
City Hall (old and new)
City of Paris
Cliff House
Coit Tower
Conservatory of Flowers
Ferry Building
Galleria at Crocker Center
Goodman Building
Grace Cathedral
Grand Opera House
Hass-Lilienthal House
Hazelwood Hills
Herbst Theatre
House of the Flag
Hyatt Regency
Lachryma Montis
Maiden Lane Gift Shop (See also Frank Lloyd Wright VF)
Mint (Old and New)
Mission Armory
Moving Picture Theaters
Palace Hotel
Presidio of SF
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
St. Anne's Home
St. Mary's Cathedral (new)
Sutro Baths
Transamerica Spire
Transbay Terminal
War Memorial Building
Women's Building
x Architecture
x Landscape architecture
x Landscape gardening
x San Francisco Architecture

Buildings-Preservation and Restoration
See also Buildings (subfolder: Landmarks)
Foundation for San Francisco Architectural Heritage
Names of Individual Buildings listed below Buildings subject heading
December 31, 1991

Bungee Jumping

See also Individual names in M/PA VF
xx Nightclubs and Cabarets
xx North Beach

Burning Man
See also San Francisco Cacophony Society

Business and the Arts
x Business Committee for the Arts

Business Committee for the Arts
See Business and the Arts

Butterfield and Butterfield
See also Osher, Bernard Artist VF
xx Antiques
xx Collectors and Collecting
x Bonhams and Butterfields