Newspaper Clipping File: Subjects - R

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"x" indicates that a reference was made from another entry.
"xx" indicates that a see also reference was made from another entry.
We have clipping files for all entries in bold . All other headings are cross references only.

Race Walking
See Walking

Racing, Car
See Auto Racing

Racing, Motorcycle
See Motorcycling

Racquetball and Squash

See Radio Broadcasting

Radio Broadcasting
Subfolder within Radio Broadcasting
Performers, Personalities, Interviews
See also Disc Jockeys

Performers and Personalities
x Awards
x Radio
x Talent Contests
x Television Awards
Dec. 17, 2004

See Whitewater Rafting

Rainbow Sign
See Cultural Life

See Pottery

xx Dance

Ray of Light Theatre
xx Theatre

xx Museums and Art Galleries
xx Photagraphers and Photography
xx Photography - Museums and Art Galleries

Raza/Hispanidad Festival
xx Fairs & Festivals

Rebar (design collective)
xx Design

Record Labels
See Recording Studio and Record Companies

Record Shops
x Odyssey Records

Recording Studios and Record Companies
x College for the Recording Arts
x Record Labels
x Recording Studios
xx Music
xx Music – Rock

Recreation and Park Department
See San Francisco Recreation and Park Department

Recreation Center for the Handicapped

Recreational Vehicles
See Camps and Camping & Resorts

xx Nightclubs

Redwood Music Festival
xx Music Festivals, Happenings etc.
Aug. 21, 1992

Reese Palley Gallery
See Wright, Frank Lloyd (Artist's file)

Refugee Shacks
See Buildings (Subfolder: Refugee shacks)

Regional Arts Council of the San Francisco Bay Area
x Art Councils and Cultural Centers

Rehearsal Spaces
Nov. 2000
Renaissance Pleasure Fair (file closed)
See also Fairs and Festivals

Renaissance Pleasure Faire – Costumes

Rene di Rosa Preserve
See di Rosa Preserve

Rental Services – Art
See Art Rental Services

Resale Royalty Act
See Artists' Rights

Resfest Film Festival
Before 5/06 see Film Festivals
xx Film Festivals
May 2006

See Camps and Camping

See Buildings (subfolder: Renovations)

The Richmond
xx Neighborhoods
xx Architectural Tours
xx Walking Tours

Richmond Art Center (file closed)
x McCaw, Pat (Artists' VF)
x Paisin, M. David (Artists' VF)
xx Art

Ride & Tie
See Horses/Horseback Riding/Horse Racing
July 19, 1982

Rincon Hill / South Bay
xx Neighborhoods
Dec. 20, 1991

Robert Henry Johnson Dance Company
(Before July 2002 see Dance Reviews)
xx Dance
July 16, 2002

Robert Koch Gallery
See also Photography – Museums and Art Galleries
March 1998

Robert Moses Kin
(Before July 2002 see Dance-Reviews)
See also Moses, Robert M/PA VF
xx Dance
July 5, 2002

Rockefeller Embarcadero Center
See Embarcadero Center


Rohnert Spreckels Performing Arts Center
See Spreckels Performing Arts Center

Roller Derby
See San Francisco Bay Bombers
See Skating

Roller Disco
See Skating, Ice and Roller

See Skating, Ice and Roller

Rolling Renaissance
See Art

Roof Gardens
See Buildings (subfolder: Roof Gardens)

The Roscoe and Margaret Oakes Collection (De Young Memorial Museum, San Francisco)
x Oakes Collection
xx Art, Collections
xx M. H. De Young Memorial Museum, San Francisco

Rosicrucian Museum
June 4, 1987


See Artists' Rights

Royalty Control Corporation
See Artists' Rights

See also Bay to Breakers

Runnymede Sculpture Farm (file closed)
xx Sculpture

Russian Center
Feb. 22, 1991

Russian Hill
xx Neighborhoods

Russian River Country Music Festival
See Music Festivals

Russian River Jazz Festival (file closed)
xx Music Festivals
xx Music – Jazz, etc.

Ruth and Marco Hellman Hall
See San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Ruth Asawa School of the Arts
See School of the Arts