Newspaper Clipping File: Subjects - D

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"x" indicates that a reference was made from another entry.
"xx" indicates that a see also reference was made from another entry.
We have clipping files for all entries in bold . All other headings are cross references only.

See Disc Jockeys

See also Names of Individual Dancers in M/PA VF
Association of Amer. Dance Companies, Western Division
Ballet Black
Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo
Ballroom dancing
Bluethenthal, Anne
Break Dancing
Children's Dance Theater
Christopher Beck Dance Co.
Company C Contemporary Ballet
Contemporary Dancers
Dance Amalgam
Dance Spectrum
Dance Theater Workshop
Dancer's Workshop
Deborah Slater Dance Theater
Diablo Ballet
Duncan Dancers
Ethnic Dance Festival
Footloose Dance Company
Hip Hop DanceFest
Janice Garrett & Dancers
Joe Goode Performance Group
Lawrence Pech Dance Company
Lil Cai Chinese Dance Company
Liss Fain
Margaret Jenkins Dance Company
xx Jenkins, Margaret (M/PA vf)
Marin Civic Ballet
Mark Foehringer Dance Company
Mary Carbonara and Dancers
Oakland Ballet
Oberlin Dance Collective
Pacific Ballet
Paul Scardina Dance Co.
Playwright's Ensemble/Dancers Studio
Project Bandaloop
Purple Moon Dance Project
Push Dance Company
Robert Henry Johnson Dance Co
Robert Moses Kin.
xx Moses, Robert (M/PA vf)
San Francisco Ballet Co.
San Francisco Bay Area Dance Coalition
San Francisco Contemporary Dancers Co.
San Francisco Dance Film Festival
San Francisco Dance Theater
San Francisco Movement Arts Festival
San Francisco Moving Company
San Jose/Cleveland Ballet
Smuin Ballet / SF
Scott Wells and Dancers
Trolley Dances
West Wave Festival
Zaccho Dance Theatre
Zhukov Dance Theatre
Dance Amalgam
xx Dance

Dance Archives
See Archives for the Performing Arts

Dance Auditions

Dance Awards
See Goldie Awards
See also Arts Achievement Awards
x Awards
x Isadora Duncan Dance Awards
Jan. 4, 1985

Dance Bay Area
See S. F. Bay Area Dance Coalition

Dance Brigade 
(Before 1990 see SF Dance-Reviews)
March 30, 1990

Dance Coalition
xx Dance
May 1987

Dance Education
See Dance. Study and Teaching
xx Performing Arts. Study and Teaching
April 1999

Dance. Ethnic
See also Ethnic Dance Festival
Fat Chance Belly Dance
Folk Dance Federation of California
Lil Cai Chinese Dance Co.
Music. Ethnic
x Folk Dancing

Dance Festivals
See also Black Chroeographers Festival
San Francisco Trolley Dances
Women on the Way
xx Fairs and Festivals

Dance Reviews
xx Dance

Dance Spectrum (file closed 2003)
xx Dance

Dance. Study and Teaching
Before April 2008 See Performing Arts. Study and Teaching
x Dance Education
April 1999

Dance Theatre
See Theatre

Dance Through Time
xx Ballroom Dancing

Dance Touring Program
See California Arts Council

Dancers Forum
x Johnson, Tance (M/PA VF)
xx Dance

Dancers Studio
See Playwright Ensemble/Dancers Studio

Dancers' Workshop
See also Halprin, Anna M/PA VF
x San Francisco Dancers' Workshop
x City Dance
xx Dance

Davies Hall
See Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall

De Anza College
See Calvin C. Flint Center for the Performing Arts

De Bellis Collection
See Frank V. De Bellis Collection

Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts (file closed 2003)
(Before 1998 see Walnut Creek Civic Arts Center)

Deborah Slater Dance Theater
xx Dance

Decoration and Ornament
x Street Lighting
x Tattooing
xx Architectural Ornamentation

Decorators' Show House
See also Hazelwood Hills ( Folger Mansion, Woodside)
x Annual Decorator Showcase House
x San Francisco Decorator Showcase
x Show House

xx Interiors



See Goggin, Brian, Artist VF
Public Art


Del Sol String Quartet
xx Chamber Music


Delancey Street Foundation
See Housing

Dell ‘Arte Players
See Dell ‘ Arte School of Mime and Comedy

Dell ‘Arte School of Mime and Comedy (file closed 2003)

xx Video

Department Stores
See Buildings (subfolder: Stores, Retail)

See also Architecture and the Physically Handicapped
Furniture Design
De Young Memorial Museum
REBAR (Design collective)
See M. H. De Young Memorial Museum

Diablo Ballet (file closed 2003)
xx Dance
March 25, 1994

Dialogue Black/White
xx Black Arts

Diamond Heights
xx Architectural Tours
xx City Planning
xx Neighborhood
xx Walking Tours

Dickens Fair
xx Fairs and Festivals

Digital Media
See also GKR
xx Computers and the Arts
xx Animation
xx Moving Pictures
x Special effects
May 2006

Dimensions Dance Theater (file closed 2003)
(Before Jan. 1991 see Dance Reviews)
Jan. 16, 1991

Dipsea (file closed 2003)

di Rosa Preserve
x Rene di Rosa Preserve
xx di Rosa, Rene Artist VF

xx Museums and Art Galleries
July 1998



See Handicapped

Disc Jockeys 
(Before 9/2001 see Nightclubs, Radio Broadcasting)
x DJs
xx Music and Musical Life
xx Nightclubs and Cabarets
xx Radio Broadcasting
Dec. 2004


See also Dance


Diseases of Artists

See Artists – Disease and Hygiene

Distinguished Artists Forum 
March 17, 1989

xx Theater

Djerassi Resident Artists Program (file closed 2003)
xx Artists Colonies
Dec. 19, 1994



Documentary Films 
(As of 6/04 this file includes only locally produced documentary films or films with San Francisco subject matter)
See also List of local filmmakers under “Moving Pictures”

July 5, 2002

Dollar Opera
See Western Opera Theatre

See also Barbie Hall of Fame
x Crafts and Craftsmen

x Directories


Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club

Dome (exhibition)
See Meyer, Rick VF

See Buildings – Domes

Dominican College Forest Meadows Festival
See Forest Meadows Festival

Domino Club
x Stella
xx Sinclair, Irving (Artist's VF)

Downtown Center of the Fine Arts Museums
xx Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Downtown Plan
x SF Downtown Plan
xx SF City Planning
Nov. 28, 1984

Dramatic Groups. San Francisco
See Theatre

Duck Stamp Competition
See Art Competitions
March 6, 1981

Duck's Breath
xx Comedy and Comedians

xx Musical Instruments

Duncan Dancers
xx Dance
Nov. 8, 2002

Duquette Pavilion of Saint Francis
xx Buildings (Religious)
x St. Francis Pavilion