Newspaper Clipping File: Subjects - L

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"x" indicates that a reference was made from another entry.
"xx" indicates that a see also reference was made from another entry.
We have clipping files for all entries in bold . All other headings are cross references only.

The Lab
xx Happenings, conceptual art

Lachryma Montis (General Vallejo's Sonoma Estate) (file closed 2003)
xx Buildings-Mansions

La Mamelle
See Mamelle

The Lamplighters
xx Theatre
xx Musicals
See Buildings (subfolder: Landmarks)

Landscape Architecture
See also Buildings (subfolder: Roof Gardens)
x Landscape Gardening
Landscape Gardening
See Landscape Architecture
See also Buildings (subfolder: Roof Gardens)

See Mixed Media

Latin American Theater Festival
See Theatre

Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble

Latino Film Festival
(Before 1/05 see Film Festivals)
(After 12/05 see International Latino Film Festival)
xx Film Festivals
Dec. 29, 2005

Laurel Heights
xx Neighborhoods

Law and Art
See Artists' Rights
Government and the Arts

Lawn Bowling
Lawrence Pech Dance Company
xx Dance
December 2004

Lawyers for the Arts
See Bay Area Lawyers for the Arts

The Legion of Honor
See California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco

Leisure Activities
See also Camps and Camping and Resorts
Sports and Games
xx San Francisco: Recreation and Park Dept.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Community Center
x Cultural Life
March 1999

Lesbian and Gay Chorus

Letterman Digital Arts Center
(Before Dec. 2005 see Lucasfilm)
x Lucasfilm
xx Presidio of San Francisco
Dec. 8, 2005

Liar's Dice
See Sports and Games (Dice)

See also Art Reference Libraries
Bay Area Music Archives
Buildings (subfolder: Libraries)
Music Libraries
San Francisco Public Library
Theatre Collections

Light Shows

Light Sound Dimension

See Buildings (subfolder: Lighthouses)
May 23, 1983

x Theatre
October 30, 1982

Lilith Fair (Music)
September 2000

Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company
(Before June 2003 see Dance-Reviews)
See also Ethnic Dance Festival for reviews of this company
xx Dance
xx Dance. Ethnic
June 12, 2003

(Before 1992 see Dance- Reviews)
x Alonzo King's Lines
April 25, 1992

Little Symphony Society (1952-1957)
xx Music Associations A-Z

Liss Fain Dance

Live Oak Theater (file closed 2003)
xx Theatre

Llanda Villa
See Buildings (subfolder: Mansions)

Loft Jazz Festival
See Music Festivals, Happenings, etc.

Lone Mountain College Art Gallery
xx Museums and Art Galleries

Lone Mountain College Theatre Department
xx Theatre

See Weaving
Lorraine Hansberry Theatre
See also S. E. W. Productions
Feb. 13, 1987

Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall
x Davies Hall
xx Davies, Louise M. (M/PA VF)
San Francisco Performing Arts Center

Low income housing
See Housing
Low Moan Spectacular
xx Theatre

Lowie Museum of Anthropology ( University of California)
November 13, 1992

Lucas Hoving and Dancers
See Hoving, Lucas (M/PA VF)

Lucas, George
See Lucas, George (M/PA VF)
See also Lucasfilm

(Before 1997 see Lucas, George M/PA VF, includes Industrial Light & Magic)
(After 12/2005 see Letterman Digital Arts Center)
x Lucas, George M/PA VF
xx Moving Pictures
August 8, 1997

Luggage Gallery
see 509 Cultural Center
Dec 2015